The word wayira stands for number 1 in Meroitic language. Wayira’s roots go back to Meroë, the southern capital of the Kushite Kingdom, or Napata/Meroitic Kingdom, that spanned the period c. 800 BCE - c. 350 CE. Meroë was the base of a flourishing kingdom whose wealth was due to strong iron industry, plus an international trade involving India and China. “At the time, iron was one of the most precious and researched metals worldwide, and Meroitic metalworkers were among the best in the world. Meroë also exported textiles, gold and jewelry. Their textiles were based on cotton and working on this product reached its highest achievement in Nubia around 400 BC. Furthermore, Nubia was very rich in gold – word nub stands for gold. Trade in exotic animals from farther south in Africa was another feature of their economy." Nourishing on this heritage, we strongly believe that we need to remove barriers and boundaries, we express that in our slogan "delivering appropriate technology solutions beyond boundaries." We do the right thing because we believe it is the right thing to do.

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