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Green ATM's

Green ATM's


We in, design, install and operate the highly recommended and efficient Solar-Powered ATMs. The Solar- Powered Automated Teller Machines or ATMs are a convenient contraption that bridges the gap of delivering efficient banking services in an environment that has energy challenges but with a rich natural resource from the sun.

The contraption makes use of efficient and durable solar modules and deep cycle maintenance-free batteries to power an inverter system that also connect to the grid in a hybrid fashion. The energy that flows from the sun is converted to electrical energy by the solar charge controllers which channels these 12 volt current to an a battery bank and inverts same through an inverter system to the required 220volts that the teller machines use.

The beauty of this system is its dual power inlet or its hybrid nature. Power from both the sun and the grid system sustains the efficiency of the device by charging the battery bank so that even at night when the sun has gone down, if there is available grid power, the battery bank will continue to be charged.

Also the design takes care of autonomy by making allowance for at least 18-24 hours of a ‘no-charge’ situation. This is achieved by an increase in the sizing of the modules and the battery bank.

With the solar-powered hybrid system, the ATMs are available for a 24 hour efficient service of the bank customers and the bank will proudly be in the league of institutions that achieve carbon emission reduction and therefore ‘green energy friendly’.